Cawleys Website

Cawleys are an award-winning waste management company based in Luton. Their original website was poorly designed and while it contained a vast amount of information, it was difficult to get to due to bad organisation of the navigation.

Their new website was designed to be a lot fresher, and although brand colour were constrained to dark red and bright blue, the end result is far brighter and more cheerful. The content has been completely reorganised and most of it rewritten in order to be more relevant to the user, and most importantly the navigation system was totally changed. 

The new navigation is split into 2 areas, with the main navigation having a full-width sub navigation area that drops down when the relevant link is hovered over. Because of the much larger size, it was possible to add a short summary of each page alongside a small thumbnail image - both of which help the user to find exactly what they are looking for.

Cawleys were so happy with the site that they added to it in the form of an online booking system. This system is managed by a custom CMS which allows the client to specify products available to defined postcode areas, set prices and availability, and which depot will manage the booking.