Giant Stores

Originally the main site in a series of individual store sites (now been replaced by a global initiative), the Giant Stores website is not just a portal, but also displays all current Giant bikes and gear.

In order to minimise input, the site synchronises it's content with the Giant Global website via a specially created XML feed. The sychronisation process also creates high-resolution copies of all the related product images, as well as various thumbnail versions that are used across the site.

In addition to the main functionality of the website, there is a custom-built manager that allows the client to add more information to a product, and administer their in-shop app. This app allows shop-owners access to all the latest information about a Giant product, creates customer wishlists, and can even take purchases. All of this is pushed back to the Giant Stores website, where the system inserts the data into the online database, creates PDFs and emails users and the Giant head office.