HAL: Design Management System

After creating project management systems for 6 years, I developed HAL for Whiteroom. Initially quite simple, HAL very quickly grew into a much more comprehensive system that allows logged in users access to information about all projects that are going through the studio, or have gone through the studio.

Projects are set up by client and actions assigned to it for individual users. As time is spent working on a task, the user adds that time to the task. This accumulated time is then used, along with client rate information, to calculate the value of the task and the project as a whole. This way projects can be monitored and compared against initial quotations to make sure that things are on track.

Reports can be exported as PDFs that include graphs and charts to illustrate how time has been spent on a project. These reports can be emailed to clients so that they can be kept up-to-date with progress, or supplied at the end of a project to serve as a summary.

A separate desktop app was developed to display a users task list, that can be reordered for priority, and allows quick access for users to allocate time spent on a task. Estimated time can also be added, which then allows the system to calculate how much time the entire task list will take and roughly when each task is due to start.

As an added bonus, achievements wherever written into the system that are automatically assigned when a user meets the relevant requirements. These achievements range from "Early Bird" (adding time to a task before 6am) to 7 levels of Task Master (completing a set number of tasks) and many things in between!

Recently, the entire system has been redeveloped to use CodeIgniter and has a new responsive design, which means that all areas of the system can now be accessed through the desktop app.