Mother: Online Management System

This site is a complete design management system. It started off as a simple system designed to track what work was flowing through the studio and to display key information about each project, however after years of constant additions and tweaks, it now stands as a comprehensive management solution.

Projects are started from a brief and given actions to be carried out by staff or client. The project is given a number of dates that are then used elsewhere in the system to created Gantt charts, project traffic for any given week for any given member, PDF exports and more.

The project list can be extensively filtered and users can create numerous exports and reports, which can then be supplied to clients. There is also the provision for clients to log in and view their projects and export their own reports if required.

Projects are categorised by type, and certain types are then plotted onto a calendar as part of an advertising schedule, which is exportable. And all projects can have images uploaded to them so as to provide a visual reference to each job.

A resounding success, Mother is used daily by the whole team to look after all the work going through the company.


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